Friday, July 9, 2010

Brainstorming and Link Hunt Assignment

Why Does Nike Still Have Roethlisberger On Their Roster?
 April 23, 2010
Is Soccer a Racist Sport?
June 30, 2010
Henna Kathiya

April 20, 2010
Lance Burri
Female Athletes Shafted Again 
6 August 2005

Jim Tressel: 'Everybody is Important'
March 3, 2010
Michael Daniels


  1. Great job choosing topics relevant to the course's themes. The Roethlisberger and Racism! posts were a bit thin as far as content goes, and perhaps denser posts would be more effective at arguing the respective points made. Nonetheless, they contained valid GPC arguments as did the rest of the links. It was interesting how all of the posts were sports related and yet you introduced a pretty solid variety of GPC topics to the reader. It's not a big deal but the color of the links was a little hard on the eyes on your background.

  2. Dan-
    Nice job finding some great blog posts that relate to the course!
    Jessie :o)